Is my ‘questionable distortion’ breast cancer? Waiting to find out.

    Instead of the usual “two week” wait that seems to be the most common time frame. We wait two months for an additional evaluation on the ‘questionable distortion’ of my left breast.

    I don’t find this to be acceptable. A two month wait for an ultrasound of my left breast and a diagnostic mammogram.

    And so yes, I Google. I worry. I wait.

    My mammogram appointment

    They told me some people are called back for additional views especially since this was my first mammogram at age forty-six and probably because I was deemed voluptuous. Couldn’t wait to go home and tell my husband that, a word I’d never been called before, voluptuous.

    Voluptuous: If you describe a woman as voluptuous, you mean that she has large breasts and hips and is considered attractive in a sexual way.

    So hey, I just shrugged off the potential call back like okay nothing is wrong with me, I’m doing just fine.

    I got the phone call

    Then the call came in and indeed I was called back for additional views, they had left a voicemail.

    I called back to make my appointment, only to hear the scheduler say “oh yes” as if she had pulled up my files to see my findings.

    And then she continued, we will need an ultrasound of your left breast followed by a diagnostic mammogram.

    Me: “What is wrong with my left breast?” Her: “Oh we just need additional views.”…so vague.

    I knew she couldn’t tell me anything else.

    We can schedule you for March 20th, mind you my mammogram was performed on January 20th. A two month wait.

    Me: “Can you see me any earlier?” Her: “No, this is our earliest appointment.”

    And so the ruminating began…

    If any of you have struggled with anxiety, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

    The thoughts your mind tells you and keeps sending to you to think about over and over and over again.

    Usually, negative and bothersome.

    I’ve been very good about not ruminating when I finally gave in to taking medication after my father passed. But this was breakthrough anxiety. Yes, of course it’s such a thing.

    Sometimes overthinking can be positive but a lot of times it is very unhealthy.

    But, with my overthinking mind, I decided hmmm…. can I login somewhere to see my mammogram results?

    Well, sure enough, there’s something called a patient portal. The dreadful patient portal.

    What I found out from the patient portal

    I was able to see everything. It was me that brought me here. Not a employee of the imaging center. Oh hey, by the way if you want to get a report of your results or see the images you can login to your patient portal. Nothing alerted me to this.

    Architectural distortion mammogram report

    Architectural Distortion Mammogram Report

    Best views of the ‘questionable distortion’ mentioned on report

    I joined a breast cancer group on facebook

    With fear starting to set in I joined multiple breast cancer groups on facebook and posted my DD boob for all to see.

    A breast cancer group of 20.8K members at that time, Breast cancer support group for patients and their loved ones.

    Some brought brave stories of their own, some brought laughter, some brought similar stories, but most of all some brought to my attention that you must be your own advocate.

    Two months to wait for a diagnostic mammogram was too far away. They knew it, and I deep down knew it.

    It looks like it needs further evaluation. It could be anything but I’m certainly not a radiologist. Try not to worry too much. If it is malignant, then you just gotta start treating it. The one thing I’ll say as a stage 4 bc cancer patient since September 27 2019, I’m STILL HERE!! And I’m doing pretty well. Today’s treatments are keeping people alive far longer than they used to. I’m not DYING from cancer, I’m LIVING with it! In early stage cancer it’s become more of a chronic illness rather than an automatic death sentence. I am very hopeful they’ll find a cure in my lifetime. If not, I fully believe they will some day. – SJ


    I’m a retired ER nurse in Florida. (43/47 years ER) I wish I could help you get seen sooner. Whether it’s cancer or not, the stress and peace of mind of waiting to get seen is vital for personal health. Please keep us posted. ??? – Linda


    Ok doesnt help or answer ur question. I just have to say though white in the scan (referencing featured image), it looks like a hummingbird. – Melissa


    My first fight

    As some of you know I hate being on the phone, absolutely despise it. But when my momma bear comes out or if I feel the need to fight I’ll do it, I’ll make that phone call.

    My first fight against this battle was to get an earlier appointment. Why was I to wait so long for a call back?

    I called the office that performed my first mammogram and asked if there were other locations that could take me earlier. I got March 13th, one week earlier.

    I then called other imaging centers but most of them were related to the place I had been seen.

    One even said, we will need an order form from your doctor in order to tell you if we have an appointment before March 13th, really, so ridiculous. Their reasoning was because they wanted to filter out those self-diagnosing.

    Madison, thank you so much Madison

    I found a number through the hospital, to find a physician specializing in breast cancer, please call our Consult-A-Nurse®. I called and got a hold of Madison. She was determined to get me an earlier appointment and was even able to tell me she could get me one before March 13th.

    She said she didn’t like delivering bad news, so if she could deliver some good news to someone that would make her happy.

    We worked together and with her tips and suggestions she was able to get me an appointment as early as February 8th. This coming Wedneday I will have answers.

    Thank you for fighting with me Madison!

    And now we wait for Wednesday.

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