Week 1: The Beginning Stages Of Making Lifestyle Changes

    Week 1: The Beginning Stages Of Making Lifestyle Changes

    Yesterday marked the first week diving into my way of implementing lifestyle changes. I’m not sure exactly what got me going on this path but I do remember one quote that was my motivator.

    Who checked on you today? Exactly, so just keep focusing on yourself.

    Who checked on you today? Exactly, so just keep focusing on yourself.

    I know everyone’s lifestyle changes and goals are going to differ from mine and that’s okay. That’s why it’s important for me to set my goals and a custom journey for myself. You should do the same.

    Join Support Groups

    As a middle-aged woman, I thought it would be a good idea to join some support groups on Facebook. In hope to connect with like-minded people, hear about motivational stories, and have some sort of guidance. As I’ve never done weight lifting before. So I joined this great group that has me researching and pushing myself to move forward.

    Women 40+ Building Muscle And Toning

    And for eating healthier, Mediterranean Diet & Recipes For Beginners.

    A Little About Me

    So yes, I’m 47 years old, 5.6″ and last time I was weighed which I feel was almost two years ago, I weighed 230 pounds. This was the most I’ve every weighed in my life. Having my father pass away was hard, anxiety and stress has always been a battle, and then hit with diabetes, high blood pressure was just the highlight of my life, ugh.

    My whole life I feel like I’ve been the “caretaker”. I ran a daycare out of my home for 9 years taking care of four infants at a time. I have a family, two daughters, who are older now. And I have a mother, a difficult one might I add, who I was trying to help for the last two years since my father’s death. I had been helping so much that it started affecting me physically and mentally with a panic attack followed by me hyperventaling…a first.

    I knew I had to start setting boundaries for myself in order to thrive. I mean if I can’t take care of myself how am I supposed to be able to take care of others.

    Setting My Goals

    First and foremost I’d like to lose about 60 pounds if indeed I weigh 230 pounds. So my “first” target weight is 170 pounds. Hopefully, this will kick diabetes in the butt and lower my blood pressure as well.

    Earlier this week I thought okay so cardio and eating healthier with a calorie deficit are going to be my top priority. Lots of members in the support group were saying “it all starts in the kitchen”. I truly believe that. I don’t like to admit it but I have fallen in a deep depression before where I wasn’t eating anything. I dropped weight so fast and of course without exercising, not the best way to lose weight right? But, just a confirmation that it indeed starts in the kitchen.

    It all starts in the kitchen.

    It all starts in the kitchen.

    Carbohydarates, Fat, and Protein

    On my journey this week I learned a lot about these macronutrients. And this was just a “little” research, expecially the importance of protein.

    For one, did you know that our bodies breakdown carbohydrates first? This would explain the energy high then the quick low. But protein digestion in the stomach takes a longer time than carbohydrates and fat.

    In our bodies, protein takes the most energy to digest (20-30% of total calories in protein eaten go to digesting it). So, to understand that correctly if you eat 100 calories of protein your body will use 20-30% of those calories to digest said protein. Your 100 calories are then really 70-80 calories. YES! A win for protein.

    Calories used to digest protein, carbs, and fats.

    Calories used to digest protein, carbs, and fats.

    Hmm. Maybe “a calorie is a calorie” doesn’t hold up after all.

    Protein is also important for its amino acids. These building block molecules are a good energy source. They build and repair bones and are essential to make hormones and enzymes.

    Food Diary

    This week I’ve started concentrating on eating better, making healthier choices. Yes, even cutting out alcohol but occasionally I have the 100 calorie Blue Moon. I’ve stayed on my feet, constantly moving, especially on the weekends when I am not busy with my full-time job. And scheduling a 10 minute walk at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM on the treadmill.

    I’ve noticed a huge spike in energy which hasn’t helped much with sleep.

    Week 1 : 231.8 pounds : 11/16/2023

    Okay, I went for it. I took a selfie after my week 1. I also ordered a scale that will arrive tomorrow to do a weigh in every month. I think weekly might be a little too much and maybe even discouraging, so I don’t want to go there. (Eek update from weigh in 231.8 pounds!) I’m trying to tell myself not to let this set me back.

    I think my head shrunk in this photo or my body somehow enlarged where my head did not. No, I think the latter.

    This is me. Most of my weight is waist up. My goal is to make lifestyle changes to lose weight and gain some muscle.


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    Hi, I'm Elyssa. A blogger of "the life that I live" hoping to help others in similar situations. Lover of food, dogs, and a fighter when challenged by health issues and anxiety.

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