Corporate Blog vs Personal Blog And Why I Decided To Build Both

    Corporate Blog vs Personal Blog And Why I Decided to Build Both

    Corporate blog vs personal blog…which one do you choose?

    This actually wasn’t an easy decision for me. I almost thought of it as going through an identity crisis. I very much wanted to build a personal brand over a corporate brand. And the personal branding is what I struggled with the most when it came to blogging.

    Was I going to go with Elyssa Steele and use my maiden name, a name I’ve had my whole life. Or go with my husband’s last name, Elyssa McGregor. And build a whole new me, a fresh start, a new identity.

    I actually grabbed both domain names but really leaned towards going with the new me, Elyssa McGregor. I liked the idea of starting all over. And let’s face it, McGregor had a better look to it and didn’t take the chance of being mispronounced like Steele. I was already going to face the mispronunciation of Elyssa. But just so you know it’s ee-LEE-suh.

    Why I’m still keeping this blog

    Truth is I’m attached already! Really! I know it’s sad but true. Even though I find there are more monetary advantages of starting a corporate blog I still lean on going with both.

    I mean, I already customized this template to my liking. And I absolutely love the look and feel of this blog. It’s not something I just want to do away with, but instead try to use it to my advantage. Hey who knows, maybe it could bring in some traffic to my corporate blog. Wishful Thinking? Nah, I do think it’s possible.

    I could write about different things. For instance, on Elyssa McGregor I could write about helping people start a blog and give blogging tips. Where as, on Lindero Brands I could talk about e-commerce, promotional products, and search engine optimization services.

    Downfalls of a Personal Blog

    Was a personal blog something I could pass on to my kids later on in life? Probably not. Also I’m not one to go out there and put my personal info out there. I really wouldn’t be writing about my life in general but about helping people and their businesses.

    It’s you out there on the world wide web. And only you. You could always allow guest posts but basically everything will revolve around you. And unless you’re not selling a branded product named after you, subscriptions for online tutorials, or selling an e-book then you better sway to the corporate blog.

    After teetering back and forth I decided to move forward with the Lindero Brands’ blog. One where all employees, independent contractors, and family members could contribute to in my absence. Where I could continue to sell promotional products an industry I’ve come to know over many years.

    I still will keep and contribute to my Elyssa McGregor blog. But my main efforts will be towards that of Lindero Brands. A company I founded back in 2010. One that has taken a back seat for about eight years but has always come through when needed. It’s hung in there even without the blog. But I know it could be so much more. And my desire grows to keep moving forward in hopes one day I can hand over this successful business to my children if they so wish. Not exactly something you can do with a personal brand.

    Lindero Brands would encompass a monetized blog along with SEO, website design, and promotional products. The blog would discuss all three services to bring business in our direction.

    Corporate Blog vs Personal Blog and Why I Decided to Build Both

    Corporate Blog vs Personal Blog and Why I Decided to Build Both

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