Your ‘not so many’ HTML codes to use when blogging, it’s that simple

    If you’re new to blogging this can be a little overwhelming including your html code and writing in the text editor tab instead of the visual editor tab.

    So I thought I’d help you along by providing the most commonly used HTML codes when it comes to writing a blog post or page. And I’m sure you’ll find that it really isn’t all that difficult.

    • Heading tags:




      running shoes

    • Spacing tags:



    • Bold text tag: example: tennis shoes
    • Italic text tag: example: every day shoes
    • Underline text tag: example: dance shoes
    • Center text tag:
      ballet shoes

    Heading tags

    Heading tags are used to separate your content into subtopics of your blog post. Most commonly used heading tags are


    . Yoast has a great article on how to use heading tags on your site. Below are examples of how your heading tags should look.

    H1 Heading Tag

    H2 Heading Tag

    H3 Heading Tag

    H4 Heading Tag

    H5 Heading Tag

    H6 Heading Tag

    Spacing html code

    Spacing html code is used for creating line breaks between text. Most commonly used by me is   whenever I want to include an extra line space between text or before and after an image I have inserted on the page. Another html code that will do the same thing is
    but whenever I’ve had trouble using this code I’ve always been able to rely on  . You could potentially use the paragraph html code


    but I find that I used this paragraph tag infrequently when blogging.

    There is also

    that is a line break code that actually adds a line separating the text as seen below.

    Please note you do not have to put ending tags for the codes @nbsp;,

    just the tag itself in between two rows of text.

    Text tags

    You’ll find that as you continue blogging you’ll come across words you’ll want to emphasize within your blog post or page. Below is the most common list of text html code to use when you’re blogging.

    • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
    • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
    • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
    • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

    HTML links

    You’ll find that you don’t need to really know how to use HTML links because there is a button for this called link when you’re editing your blog post. If you click on this button it will walk you through how to insert a link of text highlighted within your blog post. But it never hurts to learn more.

    HTML lists

    And for creating lists you will use the button above your content when editing your blog post or page with the tags

      to begin a list and

    • for an item within the list.

      • Running shoes
      • Walking shoes
      • Dance shoes

      That concludes, the most used html codes for blogging or creating pages using WordPress. For additional help you can visit for your html basics. Or support for beggining HTML.

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