Turkey Brine: A Recipe for Juicy Perfection on Your Thanksgiving Table

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    Transform your Thanksgiving feast into a culinary masterpiece with our turkey brine recipe, a key to unlocking unparalleled juicy perfection. Immerse your turkey in a symphony of flavorful herbs and spices, allowing the brine to work its magic and infuse every bite with succulence. Bid farewell to dry, lackluster poultry, and welcome a moist, tender centerpiece that will have your guests singing praises. Elevate your holiday tradition with this simple yet transformative technique, ensuring a Thanksgiving table that boasts not just a meal but a memorable culinary experience.

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    2 gallons water (16 cups per gallon)
    2 cups kosher salt
    2 cups light brown sugar
    5 branches fresh rosemary, needles only
    10 garlic cloves, minced (1 tablespoon = 3 garlic cloves) / (1 teaspoon = 1 garlic clove)
    12 pound turkey, thawed



    Combine water, salt, sugar, rosemary needles and garlic in a large stock pot (enough to hold 20 gallons) and stir well.
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    Submerge turkey in brine for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight. (We always do ours overnight.)
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    *Adjust serving size per pound of turkey. For a 3 pound turkey enter 0.25 serving size for correct ingredient quantities.

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