AdSense ads not showing after switching from HTTP to HTTPS

    AdSense ads not showing after switching from HTTP to HTTPS

    Google AdSense ads not showing on your website is always a reason for concern especially if you see a decrease in revenue. We recently decided to move our website and blog from HTTP to HTTPS with a free SSL from InMotion Hosting. And we started encountering this problem with Google AdSense not appearing on some of our blog posts. There could be many reasons for this occurrence and definitely pondered in our minds whether it was a smart move switching from HTTP to HTTPS.

    Google AdSense ads not showing because of a violation?

    I mean this did cross our minds. Had we been banned for violating Google AdSense terms or because of some content that was in violation for that particular blog post? Could we narrow down the reason for Google AdSense ads not showing on all of our pages?

    The idea behind this was ludicrous, because the ads were working prior to the switch from HTTP to HTTPS when we acquired the free SSL with InMotion Hosting.

    Is there a lack of HTTPS ads inventory?

    I mean come on! People actually think this, hogwash. I know there was a big push in 2017 by Google to encourage website owners to migrate to HTTPS. But definitely not a reason for ads not appearing on your website due to the switch. There is way too much content and websites out there to even ponder the thought that there is a shortage of Google AdSense HTTPS friendly ads.

    HOWEVER, you may want to check your AdSense code to make sure it is not the underlying factor of why your ads aren’t appearing on all of your pages. Although this wasn’t the case for us. Just make sure to remove “HTTP” from your existing AdSense code. Your code or source URLs should begin with two forward slashes (//).

    So what is it? Why are my ads appearing on some of my web pages but not all?

    The simple reason I’m leaning towards is propagation. Yep, it’s that simple. Within less than 48 hours all my blog posts that had originally been missing their ads since the HTTP/HTTPS switch were now working. And my worries were really over nothing. Just reminded me of that old saying “Why you should never Google your symptoms.”, when all it was, was a matter of time.

    AdSense ads not showing after switching from HTTP to HTTPS

    AdSense ads not showing after switching from HTTP to HTTPS

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    • Manish

      Hi Elyssa,
      I read your recent article about ads not showing up after https migration
      I am facing the similar issue
      I read that you mentioned that after 48 Hours ads started showing up
      Can you help me know more about it
      Like all ads are appearing now on all pages? and they appeared all together or day after day.

    • Nilesh Bambhaniya

      Nice Article Thanks For Article

    • Arel

      Thanks for this article. It has been over 48 hours since upgrading to HTTPS and I still have no ads. I did notice that I have no ad codes in my sidebars or footers and such and wonder if this is a result of migration to the new site? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated as I’m a blogger, not a coder! lol

      • Elyssa McGregor

        Hi Arel, I took a look at your site and noticed your ads are appearing in the middle of your articles. In regards to your sidebar and footer, if you have no ad codes I would go ahead and add them back and they should appear for you. Just add the widget Custom HTML to your sidebar and footer then paste your code inside that widget. Best of luck! Elyssa

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