What WordPress Theme Is That?

    What WordPress Theme is That? WordPress Theme Detector

    Ok, ok, what WordPress theme is that exactly? You want to find out what WordPress theme a company or blogger is using right? Maybe because you would like to use the same theme for your business or blog right after you install WordPress. Totally have been there, done that! I’m going to show you how to do just that. My techniques I used yesterday, and my surprise technique I started using today!

    What WordPress Theme is That?

    Simply, right-click on the website page you wish to find what template is being used. Then click on view page source. Now look in the stylesheet or javascript sections of the source page. Here you can find in the source url which theme is being used because the theme name is in the url. For example …wp-content/themes/(theme name is here)/style.css. But, if they are a well-known website or blogger they may have changed their theme name so that it goes undetected from their site visitors.

    Go ahead, you’re more than welcome to take a look on my blog to try and find out what WordPress theme I’m using. Feel free to comment below if you figured it out! 🙂 Just remember I have customized this template some using custom css, so if you do use this template it would be minus my customizations. Sorry!

    Here’s a little secret of mine

    But, did you actually know there is such thing as the WordPress Theme Detector site? Say what? I know, LOL! I totally just stumbled across this website today.

    Their tool looks for standard information such as theme name, author, version, and description. Not only that it can take you a step further and let you know if a child theme is being used. This is in addition to finding out the parent theme. And it doesn’t just stop there, their tool checks all the active plug-ins used by that particular website. Crazy! I’m loving this!

    And for those of you that don’t want visitors to find out what wordpress theme you’re using, check out our post on how to rename a WordPress theme. You should be in the clear for visitors finding out what theme you’re using. Unless of course, they know of our little secret about the WordPress theme detector. Now let’s keep this our little secret. Shhh! 😉

    What WordPress Theme is That?

    What WordPress Theme is That?

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