Why Most People Give Up at This Point with Blogging

    Why Most People Give Up at This Point with Blogging

    I’m going to be honest with you. There’s been many times I’ve thought to myself about giving up on blogging. There are many reasons why you might think the same thing too. And what’s really frustrating is I don’t even know what keywords to give this blog post. I mean I’m just typing at this point to type and not really trying to target any keywords. I guess I’m having one of those ‘throw up your hands’ kind of moments.

    I’ve published approximately 40 blog posts and I have to ask myself, what kind of value am I putting out there? I mean there are so many ‘how-to’ blogs out there and I don’t want to be just another one of those lost in a sea of other posts.

    You’ve lost interest

    At this point, I totally feel like I’ve lost interest. I mean how many articles about blogging, website, and SEO tips can I really write? And if I do write them, like I said, what value am I putting out there?

    I guess there are ways to keep you on track and keep you engaged with your blogging. Like trying to keep a schedule or a list of future blog posts. Mine has kind of gotten out of hand, with sticky notes here and there, or quick little notes on my iPhone.

    You can’t find your identity

    This one I’ve totally gone back and forth on to the point I’ve copied over blog posts from my corporate blog to my personal blog and vice versa. I really would like to continue with my corporate blog but I’ve found myself in more of a writer’s zone with my personal blog instead. This thing about corporate blog vs personal blog is driving me crazy! I did say I was going to build both but now I see how much effort would be needed for that. And am leaning more towards going with my personal blog.

    You’re losing your mind

    Did I just mention above that this is driving me crazy? That and constantly checking Google Analytics to see if my views have gone up since I’ve posted 40 blog posts by now.

    The pennies on AdSense

    The pennies, ahhh yes, the pennies! Pennies will eventually turn into nickels, and then dimes? Right!? I still need to reach that $100 threshold on Google AdSense in order to get my first check and I’m only about 30% of the way there by counting pennies every day. I have noticed a slight climb in the number of posts visited per day. So I’m hoping now that I see that climb that I will start to see my pennies turn into nickels.

    And now I’m reading that after I reach my $100 threshold I need to make another $100 in order to get paid by Google. Because Google does not write checks for less than $100. so really I’m only 15% of the way there and not 30%.

    A million dollars in pennies is still a million dollars. -Author Unknown

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    Hi, I'm Elyssa. A blogger of "the life that I live" hoping to help others in similar situations. Lover of food, dogs, and a fighter when challenged by health issues and anxiety.

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