Help, WordPress is redirecting my blog post to another page

    Help, WordPress is redirecting my blog post to another page (solved)

    Today I had published a blog post on the best SEO strategies to rank in Los Angeles, CA. After publishing my post I went to submit my site to Google using fetch as Google. I was quickly alerted by Google that my blog post was being redirected. It was a WordPress redirect I wasn’t expecting. Sure enough when I went to my blog post I just published it was being redirected to another page, services.

    To help others out I created a list of possibilities of how to fix your unwanted WordPress redirect.

    WordPress Redirect Possibilities

    1. A page has the same permalink as your blog post.
    2. Yes, this happened to me and took me quite a while to figure out. It appears that pages trump blog posts. Because, every time I tried to pull up my blog post it would pull up the content on the page with the same permalink.

    3. WordPress automatically added a redirect for your page or blog post.
    4. I didn’t even know this was possible. But had to take a look at my database in phpMyAdmin to see if there was a permalink logged for my blog post. Open the wp_postmeta table. There will be a meta_key entry for _wp_old_slug. Select that and delete it.

    5. A WordPress plugin in causing the redirect.
    6. Check to see if you have any installed redirect plugins in your WordPress installation. Remove the unwanted redirect from the plugin. In my case, I found that Yoast had automatically created a redirect from my blog post to my services page. To delete, I went to Yoast > redirects and clicked delete on the row that contained the 301 redirect. Problem solved.

    I hope this list saves someone some time from having to research how to detect a redirect that you did not create yourself in WordPress.

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