WordPress Missing Nofollow

    WordPress missing nofollow, add rel=”nofollow” to link disappeared

    What happened to WordPress nofollow?

    Well, it was there one minute and then gone the next…is your WordPress missing nofollow? I knew I wasn’t going crazy! The add rel=”nofollow” to link disappeared all together in WordPress.

    I honestly haven’t been able to narrow it down to why it is missing on one of my websites and not the other. Both websites were using version 4.9.5 and it was appearing for one and not the other. So the only thing I can think of is theme incompatibility or plug-in conflict. Who knows? Please feel free to comment below if you’ve been able to figure it out. LOL!

    It could be that this website is newer at had a later version of WordPress installed initially. And my other website originally had the add rel=”nofollow” to link which stuck around even with updates. Ok, we’re going with that theory. Yep, overthinker here!

    Why is WordPress missing nofollow?

    I think maybe there is confusion with bloggers on when to use nofollow and when not to use the nofollow attribute. Some bloggers were using way too often and not where it was necessary. And other bloggers weren’t using it when needed. It’s basically a lesson bloggers need to learn bout, when and how to use nofollow. Maybe because of all the confusion WordPress has opted-out of using this feature for inserting links in blogs posts and pages.

    So, how do you get it back?

    That is, of course, it was missing to begin with right? You actually have two simple options here. One you can add it manually to your blog post. Simply add nofollow (i.e. rel=”nofollow) in between the “nofollow plug-ins available on WordPress.org. Or you can search for them on the plugins section of your admin panel.

    WordPress Missing NoFollow

    WordPress Missing NoFollow

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