Check out these five blog-friendly WordPress plugins

    Check Out These Five Blog-friendly WordPress Plugins

    Hey bloggers, I wanted to reach out to you today and give you some important tips on using blog-friendly WordPress plugins. I’m hoping these plug-ins will help you when you’re just starting out on your WordPress blog. And could be of help to those advanced bloggers wanting new plug-ins to help them along with their blog. These are all WordPress plugins I failed to mention in my how to create a blog article that I knew would be of interest to you.

    Five blog-friendly WordPress plug-ins

    #1 Exclude Category Widget by Ravinder Singh

    This is the perfect little widget created by Ravinder Singh to exclude any particular category from your category list. For instance, instead of using your default category list on the sidebar you can replace it with this widget. This widget will allow you to exclude any particular category you wish from your category list. So, if I happen to be writing for a corporate blog and wanted to remove any personal blog posts from appearing this plugin would do just that.

    • Blogging Tips (63)
    • Personal (12)
    • SEO Tips (41)
    • Social Media (27)

    #2 Ultimate Category Excluder by Marios Alexandrou

    This is another plugin in addition to above that will help you exclude categories but not just in the sidebar like the above widget does. This plug-in allows you to quickly and easily exclude categories from your front page, archives, feeds, and searches. Just select which categories you want to be excluded, and this plugin does all the work for you!

    #3 Series by Justin Tadlock

    Series is a plugin created to allow users to easily link posts together by using a WordPress taxonomy (like tags or categories) called “series”. It can be particularly useful if you write several posts spanning the same topic and want them tied together in some way that tags or categories doesn’t cover. List your series collection in the sidebar under the widgets section. A good series would be “how to write a blog” with a bunch of supportive posts on that topic.

    #4 Magic Action Box Pro by Prosulum, LLC

    This is a great paid tool but you can get the free version too. Magic Action Box is an easy to use but powerful lead generation plugin that lets you create a focused and high converting feature box in minutes. It let’s you display professional looking opt-in forms and feature boxes in your WordPress site.

    #5 Polylang by Frédéric Demarle

    Polylang allows you to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. You write posts, pages and create categories and post tags as usual, and then define the language for each of them. The translation of a post, whether it is in the default language or not, is optional.

    There you have it, five WordPress plugins I failed to mention earlier. Of these five, I would have to say that the exclude category widget and the ultimate category excluder are my favorite. Especially when you want to write about other subjects other than your blog’s main topics. Those two can then become very handy plugins to use.

    Check out these five blog-friendly WordPress plugins

    Check out these five blog-friendly WordPress plugins

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